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October 2015 – Back Due Child Support – Client came to my office after having spent several years, and thousands of dollars on various lawyers, in order to collect tens of thousands of dollars of back due child support and other expenses owed to her by her ex-husband. Researching the problem, I found that the ex-husband held certain real estate in his name, free and clear of any obligation. Obtained a judgment requiring the immediate sale of the property, with the proceeds being used to pay the debts to client, and any overage to be placed in trust for Client’s children.

October 2015 – Security Deposit Dispute – Client, the owner of a small commercial property, had leased the premises to another party, who failed to pay rent according to the lease, and failed in several other aspects of his performance under the lease. Client withheld security deposit due to those violations and damage caused to the premises. The former tenant sued, seeking the return of the security deposit and other damages. The matter went to bench trial in the Circuit Court of Cook County. Result: Verdict for defendant on all counts. Former tenant not entitled to return of security deposit or any other damages.

September 2015 – Mortgage Foreclosure – Client, behind in mortgage payments with no hope of catching up, was enabled to continue living in her home (without paying a mortgage) for approximately five years, and upon judgment of foreclosure was offered a substantial sum of money to move out without further litigation. Client was able to find a new and better place to live, and start fresh.

August 2015 – Child Custody Dispute – Client was a father who had physical custody of his small children for several years, after the children’s mother dropped them to his house and left town. After a couple of years, mother returned and attempted to assert control over the children, seeking to take the children away from father and to become the custodial parent. Following trial in the Circuit Court of Cook County, the father was awarded sole custody of the minor children, the mother’s visitation rights were strictly curtailed, and mother was ordered to pay child support.

July 2015 – Unlawful Use of a Weapon – Client was stopped for a routine traffic violation, and gave consent for the search of his vehicle. A loaded 9mm handgun was recovered, and a nine count felony indictment issued. With the client facing many years in prison, I reviewed the details of the traffic stop, and concluded that the stop was illegal, as the police officer had no reasonable suspicion that a crime was being committed. The Circuit Court of Cook County, hearing our motion to quash arrest and suppress evidence, agreed. The motion was allowed, and as a result, all evidence gathered, including the handgun, was suppressed. With no evidence to offer, the State was forced to dismiss all charges. Result: No probable cause, all charges dismissed.

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