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Unbundled, or “a la carte,” legal services

Even with the low rates my office charges, there are many times that a potential client needs help, but just can’t afford to bring an attorney on for an entire case. Often, the potential client is well-aware of what needs to be accomplished, and simply needs the help and advice of a lawyer in a limited way, such as drafting documents, explaining court orders, or obtaining discovery. Recent changes in Illinois law have made this possible, and the Law Office of Timothy M. Murphy has begun offering unbundled services to clients in certain situations.

Illinois Rule of Professional Conduct 1.2(c) permits attorneys to limit the scope of the
representation if the limitation is reasonable under the circumstances and the client gives informed consent.

Illinois Rule of Professional Conduct 4.2 clarifies when attorneys may communicate with a person represented by counsel on a limited basis.

Illinois Rule of Professional Conduct 5.5 clarifies that attorneys may counsel self-represented
litigants without filing an appearance in the case.

Illinois Supreme Court Rule 11 requires that the opposing party or counsel serve all documents on both the attorney and the party while a limited scope appearance is in effect.

Illinois Supreme Court Rule 13 allows an attorney to make a limited scope appearance on behalf of a party in a civil court proceeding pursuant to Illinois Rule of Professional Conduct 1.2(c) when they have entered into a written agreement with the party to provide limited scope representation.

See below for a non-exhaustive list of the services my office can provide on an unbundled basis.

Our Top-Rated Services

You’re busy, and watching costs. We understand! That’s why we have a wide range of helpful services to take the load off your shoulders.

Providing legal advice/consultation, in the office, or by phone or video call.
Coaching or preparing a client for an upcoming legal event.
    Drafting or reviewing documents for a client by email and with remote consultation.
    Appearing in court on a one-time or limited basis.