After spending my
younger years living and traveling throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America, learning to speak good Chinese, and several other languages well enough to order my dinner, I managed to get my undergraduate degree in history and Asian studies. I completed graduate level work in Chinese language. Then I got a law degree, and learned how to put on a hell of a jury trial. Now in private practice, I handle cases in a variety of substantive areas. I also like to write about various topics, including law, politics, travel, small business, languages, the sporting life and gender relations.

2014-04-17 Tim

Get the support you need, when and where you need it


In the Courtroom

Whether you are in court as a criminal defendant or a litigant in a criminal case, you need an attorney who knows how to persuade judges and juries, and make certain you get a fair hearing. Tim has been appearing in court on behalf of clients like you daily for over 19 years, and knows how to get the results you want.


In the Office

Not all legal problems require going to court. In fact, court is a wonderful place to avoid. The best strategy is to get sound legal advice and be prepared before trouble arrives. Whether you’re planning a new business, a divorce, a tax strategy or an estate, Tim will meet with you, in your office or his, to make sure you know what you need to know to succeed.


Wherever You Are

It isn’t always easy to get hold of a lawyer when you need one the most. Whether you are in jail, immigration detention, a police interrogation room, a hospital bed, or just not able to get away from your home or office, just call 312-315-2323, and Tim will come to you, with the advice and counsel you need, when you need it.

Client Testimonials

“I would strongly recommend Timothy Murphy for any and all of your legal needs. He has served as our attorney for many years. Mr. Murphy is knowledgeable, courteous, and most importantly, has integrity.”

– J.B., Morton, Illinois

“When I first got the summons and realized my family and I might lose our home I was so terrified and felt so desperate that I couldn’t sleep at nights. I called a few lawyers who gave me heartless advice and hair-raising prices to take my case. Tim Murphy was the first person who really listened with understanding and explained everything to me and promised to help me for a decent fee. It was a long process and he was always there for me to talk to me, to support me, and what’s more important – to represent and protect me and my family. Thanks to his impressive knowledge, unique experience and real empathy for people I can sleep peacefully today. Thank you, Tim. It wouldn’t be possible without you.”

– B.L., Mount Prospect, Illinois